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Bed & Breakfast in Savoie near Aiguebelette Lake
'Les Balcons du Chat'

Five double rooms are available. Each has it's own independent entrance and two have a private terrace with views of the surrounding mountains.

Diner can be provided. It is served using fresh vegetables from the organic vegetable garden.

The House.

Originally the biggest farm in the village of Traize (300 inhabitants), each of the three buildings is over 200 years old. The bedrooms are located in the farm's old barns. Particular care has bechambres hotes aiguebeletteen taken in the choice of the materials in order to preserve the style and character of these ancient buildings.
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In front of the house is the peak known as "La Dent du Chat" (1390 m), from which the B&B derives its name. This peak is a much-loved reference point in the locality - not least because of the rosy tint it takes on at sunset. Its summit is very accessible and will provide you with one of the best views of the Alps. From there you will also be able to admire Lake Bourget (Le Lac du Bourget), France's largest natural lake.

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